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KICKSTART Your Resume Writing Business!
Would it change your life if you could turn your own career history (no matter what it is!), communication and customer service skills into your own profitable home-based business?  
With the magic of the internet and a strong yet flexible business model, I now run a thriving career development company from the comfort of my home office - in a few hours a day.  
Resume writing has afforded me the lifestyle that was once 'too good to be true'. Working around my kids in the pockets of time I had within my portable business has been the best decision I have ever made in my LIFE! Now it's your turn to decide.   KICKSTART is a  FREE program to get you started on your resume writing journey.

It's jam packed with information that comes from a place of experience - this is how I did it, what I did and what I do now to create a steady stream of client work in my resume business. I love it, and I know you'll love it too.  

Inside KICKSTART, I'll be giving away the exact steps I took to set up my business, get clients and grow my services to increase client success and your impact on your market.  

I'll be talking about organic marketing strategies that make sure your income reflects your effort.  

I'll be showing you how to create awesome branding options without breaking the bank.  

I'll be sharing my experiences through these sessions to give you a real perspective on what it is like to be a successful resume writer.  

To register and join us for this FREE program, click the enrol to sign up - you'll also receive a FREE copy of the Resume Business Roadmap e-Guide to get you started!

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Vicki Clothier

Vicki Clothier is the founder of Resume Writers Australia, teaching technical writing skills and guiding writers to create their dream resume writing business. Teaching from a place of experience and enthusiasm, Vicki has built her career development business from the ground up. Vicki's mission is driven through support and advocacy for start ups who are keen to serve their clients as resume writers in our Australian industry. 

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